Video: Salafism in German schools

Raising Generation Jihad:

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  1. The Salafists have weaponized their children mentally and physically in a monstrous abuse of power. Germany is suffering from the legacy of Nazi guilt and its citizens are paralyzed mentally and physically and will not recognize or act against the existential threat of Islamists. Germans seem unwilling to identify Islamist/Salafist supremacist doctrine as equivalent to Nazi supremacist doctrine. The people of Germany are the victims now and need not pay for the sins of their fathers with cultural suicide. Public denial of the Islamic threat will be catastrophic to Germany especially with a left-wing liberal globalist (one-world government) leader like Angela Merkel who is exploiting their guilt.

  2. Salafists are not the problem. Islam is the problem! Period!
    As long as civilized people tolerate Islam, these kind of savages will always exist.

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