Vienna’s police chief: To avoid sexual attacks, women should not go out alone

This sounds like Saudi Arabia. But it is Europe.

Via The Local:

“The advice by Vienna police boss Gerhard PA?rstl came as it was revealed that several women in Salzburg reported being sexually assaulted by men on New Year’s Eve. …

In the wake of the German scandal, PA?rstl was asked about the incidents and about the risks that women face. ‘Women should in general not go out on the streets at night alone…’

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  1. Why not order they must wear burkas? Obviously you would rather punish and imprison your women than punish the islamist savages. EXPEL the cancer from your midst, or it will metastasize and rape it’s way into your heritage, history and coming islamist future. Protect your women. Arm your subjects. Trust them to protect themselves, clear their communities of the evil stalking them and their wives and daughters…or sons…or goats, pigs or other livestock they sexually abuse with regularity…

  2. Imprisoning females. Revoking their freedom of movement. Appalling and dusgusting. YOU STAY HOME.

  3. Criminals just make a bigger gang to rape your women and children, being with someone doesn’t help, but being in an armed vigilante group does. You’re safe when the cockroaches are dead.

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