Watch “Clinton Cash”, the documentary disclosing Hillarys criminal abuse of the Clinton Foundation

A handful more reasons why Hillary should be in jail, not running for president:

P.P.S. Also watch InfoWars’ “This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected”:

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  1. Donald J. Trump for president – it’s all we can hope for. But The Donald has many adversaries – chiefly among the political elites in America and Europe not to mention the oligarchs in the Middle East and elsewhere. Trump means uprooting some nasty PC habits. Not only in America. There will be a pronounce spin-off to Europe. The elitists in Brussels have seen the writing on the wall. The EU bureaucracy will be shaken in its entire foundation because the ordinary European will not any longer tolerate the elitist scum when they see America free of the plague with the name Obama/Hillary.

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