With refugees comes paedophilia: “Dozens of Syrian child brides on their way to the Netherlands”

Apparently, certain Islamic marriage traditions are “traumatizing” to the (child) wife. Dutch government accepts it. With the arrival of Islamic law comes barbary and paedophilia. The authorities are “too busy” to keep track of it.

Translated by Thomas from RTV Noord:

“Dozens of Syrian child brides on their way to the Netherlands

Between January 2014 and early this year at least 34 Syrian child brides have applied for asylum in the Netherlands.

In addition, there are another 22 teenage girls whose husbands already reside in our country. This information is contained in a internal report from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) that RTV Noord has access too.

How old are the child brides?

The figures were published in late March 2015. The IND writes that nine of the 34 registered child brides have now reached the age of 18 years. What stands out is the young age of some of the brides. According to the IND two girls of thirteen and two girls of fourteen years old are on their way to the Netherlands. It also appears that the oldest man (38) is married to a girl only 15 years old. What is not known, is whether those brides have arrived in the Netherlands by now.

Traumatised teenagers

According to Ineke van Winden of the Center Against Child Trafficking and People Smuggling (CKM) in Leeuwarden, these girls are often traumatized teenagers. ‘These girls are still children. Mostly from Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and married there. They actually need help. At the moment they are trapped in a forced marriage, there is a large risk of new traumas.’A�…

Political sensitivities

Child marriages are officially recognized in the Netherlands, when they are registered in the country of origin. Critics say this policy of tolerance of the government is mainly aimed at avoiding politically sensitive discussions. And that it is a politically sensitive subject, is also evident from the response of Richart Joling, chairman of the Labour Party in the municipality of Vlagtwedde. He is shocked by the figures from the IND. ‘As a government we allow these girls to be sexually abused. I find that very reprehensible and very distressing.’

Clear policy is missing

The figures from the IND date from a period before the current large influx of refugees. According to Joling, on average three child brides a week ask asylum in the Netherlands. He relies on sources within the COA. ‘I understand that the employees of the COA do not really know what to do with the situation. There is no clear policy. The children are free to decide for themselves whether they need help or want to stay with their spouses.’A�…


Early this month, a 14-year-old Syrian girl suddenly disappeared. She was pregnant and spent one and a half months in a refugee shelter. The police assume that she and her husband fled to Eastern Europe.

Too busy

Recent figures on the number of child brides are not available. According to spokesperson Yvonne Wiggers of the Ministry of Security and Justice things are simply too busy in the moment. ‘We can not provide figures on such short notice. Not even approximately. ‘”

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